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Among Us is a multiplayer social deduction online-game from the American firm InnerSloth. The game was published in 2018 but didn't acquire much press, but in 2020, owing to Twitch and YouTube, the Among Us achieved significant fame. This hit of the season is excellent for playing with friends of 5 to 10 people. In a 2D arcade game, players must attempt to repair their spacecraft, which is coming home after a risky intergalactic voyage, but not everything is that easy since half of the squad is infested with alien parasites. Because of this, characters are separated into two types: teammates and impostors. The Impostor's mission is to conceal from being discovered, destroy the spacecraft, hide and move via the vents, cheat and frame others to murder the crew before the ship returns home. The goal of crew members is to find the impostors. While everyone is repairing the ship, no one can speak to save anonymity.

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