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Cayde Ace Tattoo

See more ideas about destiny tattoo, destiny game, and destiny tattoo. kritzelei tattoo kritzelei tattoo kritzelei tattoo kritzelei tattoo kritzelei Raven tattoos, henna tattoos, mandala tattoos, wrist tattoos, and micro tattoos Starting a comic based on HP Lovecraft's universe. The destinations mars, io, titan, mercury, and leviathan, as well as their associated activities, are the key d2 content leaving the game and entering the dcv this autumn.

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The answer to this question is quite fascinating since it is very clear that Cayde discovered the name in his notebook before he became a Guardian and flashes of recollections of individuals who may potentially be his wife (who he refers to as his Queen in his records) or kid. Cayde made up all of Ace's details as a coping strategy to help him get through his ordeal. The reality is revealed in the lore entry "Bad Beat":

Why is the ace tattoo botched up? Initially, this was seen as a prank, as if the tattoo artist had spelt his name incorrectly, and it was done to promote his cool and carefree demeanor. What does ASCE stand for? The American Society of Civil Engineers represents over 150,000 civil engineering professionals from 177 countries. ASCE is the nation's oldest engineering society, having been founded in 1852.

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