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Bowser Laugh Mario 64

Unlike in its previous incarnation, and similar to Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and later, Bowser's Castle in Mario Kart 64 begins outside. It has several Thwomps that try to prevent drivers from reaching further areas. There is an imprisoned Thwomp near the beginning of the course that is tinted green with yellow teeth due to the lighting and will shake and laugh if the player approaches it. The normal Thwomps can also be heard laughing throughout the course. There are pictures of Bowser and large stone statues that shoot flames from their mouths in later corridors, but they are harmless. At the end of the track, racers will compete on the castle's roof. Bowser's famous laugh plays on the last lap or when the player gets too close to the Bowser statue at the start of the track. Thwomps are the primary challenge in this course. The majority of them will move around the room, attempting to crush the racers, while others will slide across the room. In the N64 version, the Thwomps' laugh is the same as Wario's, but pitched lower. Because Wario's voice changed for the international release, so did the Thwomps'.

During game development, only two characters were used for movement and camera angles: MIPS the rabbit and Mario! MIPS was originally created for development purposes only, but he made it into the game after the developers became attached to him! MIPS the rabbit is named after the CPU of the Nintendo 64, which is a Microprocessor with Interlocked Pipeline Stages, or simply MIPS. To add to the mystery, when you catch him in the castle basement, he makes a reference to Alice in Wonderland! He is late for an important date, just like the White Rabbit, but in true Mario fashion, he is willing to part with a star to get you there! Finally, at number one, we have Boos Laugh!

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