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Bnha Oc Ideas Para Quirks Español

Sero Hanta is content to watch his friends climb the charts while he fulfills his role as a rescue hero. It's not as glamorous, but he's proud of his work and eager to see where life takes him. His smile is broad, and his life is a blank book. Aoide works as a bartender at Fat Gum's, but her life is full of secrets. The first is that she has a quirk that caused her and her father to flee the United States for Japan when she was only 16 years old. She keeps her quirk hidden after losing her father soon after, ensuring that she uses it to help others and find those responsible for her father's death. She's getting closer, but when Sero comes into her life, she realizes how much her quest for vengeance has cost her.

Quirks are human-race anomalies that have become a significant part of society. A Quirk can be used by roughly 80% of the population. A Quirk is innate in the body of the Quirk holder. It is also referred to as "Individuality." Animals can develop Quirks in extremely rare circumstances. This category contains character classifications based on their Quirk type.

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