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Best Anime Stances

Death Note is a famous anime that should not be overlooked. The show's most popular character has his own signature posture, which is pretty entertaining to see. It's strangely exhilarating to see L crouch in his seat and consider the show's major problems and mysteries. It's a credit to L's genius as a character that such a simple posture can be so hilarious in and of itself.

Sean Cubillas last updated this page on April 20th, 2021. The irony of anime sword fighting is that there is always a larger sword available. A sword is useless until it collides with something, and there are plenty of conflicts to be had in the anime world. While the status quo hasn't altered much since the last time this list was compiled, it must reflect the expanding diversity of sword fighters out there. People are yearning for something to fight for now more than ever. Why not learn from the masters of anime? 15 Ackerman, Levi (Attack On Titan)

1 Dabi and Shoto Reconvene On The Battlefield With parents in an abusive Quirk marriage, a for creating a child to transcend all Might, the Todoroki brothers' relationship was doomed from the start. As the oldest, Toya/Dabi was compelled to ruin his body for a father who never gave him permission. He was then forced to watch, blinded by envy and anguish, as his younger brother took his position. He pushed over the bounds of his Quirk in the hopes of regaining his father's attention, but he only secured his own demise. Shoto, who was oblivious of his brother's suffering and dealing with his own trauma, saw only the atrocities done by Dabi. When they meet again, they are on opposing sides of the conflict, fighting each other on the battlefield as a hero and a villain.

There have been scores of detectives to grace the tiny screen over the history of anime. These are the very finest of the very best. One of the most thrilling aspects of anime is its ability to give even the most mundane idea and language a tremendously animated flourish. Whether it's the intensity of an inner monologue or the flair of a Phoenix Wright-esque allegation, the anime industry has surely placed outstanding performances at the forefront of its mystery and suspense series.

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