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Beast Boy X Robin Fanart

Heart thievery Chapter 5 Chapter 5: Stealing Hearts Raven examined herself in the mirror. She lowered her hood, then raised it, then lowered it again. She scrutinized her hair as she tasseled it away from her face. She examined her expression. There were no stains, defects, or other flaws, but she didn't find anything particularly attractive. The more she stared at herself, the more she questioned her attractiveness. She had tried to persuade herself that it didn't matter, but she kept staring in the mirror. In reality, she had to remind herself that she didn't appear any different than usual, which she was beginning to regret.

The answer was ambiguous, but one thing he knew for certain was that his impression of Robin had completely changed; he was no longer just this uptight, strict, mission-driven leader because, while Robin was still all of those things, Beast Boy had witnessed a softer side of him, he was caring and protective, and even though he could sense his leader's hesitation in all of his comforting, he still felt safe.

Beast Boy's sobbing had almost come to a halt when he raised his head to peer into the elder boy's covered eyes and sniffled...

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