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Asta Renders

Black Asta is the highest demonic form, allowing Asta to wrap himself in anti-magic and use more powerful anti-magic tactics. When confronted with apparently invincible adversaries, Asta concentrates on eliciting this other form. As a result, he is now equally matched against individuals who wield massive quantities of mana. The dilemma is, how long can Asta withstand the devil's presence in the grimoire? Will his mental toughness and frank sense of justice enable him to retain his humanity while borrowing the devil's abilities, or will the demon one day seize Asta's body for its own?

Compound Magic and Union Magic spells may only be utilized with another mage and so cannot be employed in 1 vs 1 situations.

Ki: During the struggle against Patry and Yami, Asta discovered how to read the natural energy sent by living organisms in order to interpret their current emotional state or foresee their next assault, offering him a pseudo-sixth sense for danger and increasing his response speed. (Used for a variety of purposes, the most common of which are precognition, information analysis, and extrasensory perception.)

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