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Art Among Us Wallpaper Cute Pink

Hello and welcome to the Among Us Wiki! We are delighted to have you here. Before you begin, please ensure that you are familiar with our wiki rules! Also, ensure that all edits adhere to the Manual of Style. This will help to ensure that the wiki is formatted consistently. Please contact our staff if you require assistance. On our Discord server, you can also participate in community discussions and chat with other members.

Wallpapers Among Us | 70 Background Images Download for free Among Us is a space-themed online multiplayer game. The game's main opponents are divided into two groups: crew members and traitors. Crew members prepare the spacecraft for takeoff, detect malfunctions, and repair the ship, while traitors prevent the astronauts from performing various actions, organize pogroms, destroy wiring, break equipment, and attempt to kill the rest of the crew. You'll find out who wins and whether the spaceship flies away in the game. And we have a vibrant collection of wallpapers for your computer desktop featuring the characters and locations from this exciting game.

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