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Anbu Mask Tattoo Small

I hope you enjoy figures and will continue to read my posts. Until next time, everyone! ( ) /~~~~* I only have photos of the figures on display outside of their boxes and packaging. [The photographs were clearly not taken by a professional. I may photograph the boxes and/or packaging on occasion.] I do not own any photographs of figures taken for promotional purposes [for example, those on the GoodSmile Co. website].

Following Jiraiya's defeat at the hands of Pain and Naruto's emotional reaction, Kakashi resolves to pursue the Akatsuki leader and his followers. Unfortunately for Kakashi, things do not go as planned. Kakashi nearly dies several times during the fight, but he receives reinforcements in the form of Choji and Choza Akimichi. It is the use of all of Kakashi's chakra to save Choji's life that causes him to lose his own during the fight. The loss of Kakashi is not permanent thanks to Naruto's forgiveness of Nagato, the shinobi behind Pain. Pain is able to resurrect all of his Konoha victims.

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