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Among Us All Kill Animations Gif

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The Second Among Us Kill Animation: A Gunshot

The animation for the gunshot kill is quite graphic. The Impostor pushes over the Crewmate, and while they're helpless on the ground trying to figure out what just happened - POW! The Impostor fires a lethal shot to the back of the head. The only reason this isn't number one is that the killing happens so quickly that the Crewmate doesn't have enough time to truly understand what's going on - though being pushed beforehand gives a more terrifying inkling that something is wrong than the previous two murders.

Airship Skin Bundle Among Us - New Hats, Skins, and Kill Animation

The Airship Skin Bundle in Among Us will include 13 hats that are distinct from the free hats revealed so far. There are several top hats, a red mohawk, a wizard's hat, and a bowler hat. In addition, the bundle includes three new skins, including a prisoner's jumpsuit and a cyborg outfit. Many of the hats and skins, as well as the Airship map, are based on InnerSloth's Henry Stickmin games.

Kill animations in All Among Us

Simple, clean, and effective, if a little chilling in its cold-heartedness. Snapping a neck should only be done in video games. We say neck, but do Among Us Beans have necks at all? It's almost as if they're twisting around the midriff. That would be terrible as well. Snapping a midriff should also be reserved for videogames. It's best not to snap anything, especially if it's not yours.

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