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DR n'6: In this DR, I'm 23, Muggle-born, and a member of the Hogwarts staff. I am French and attended Beauxbatons. I work as a janitor in place of Argus Filch, and I also have a cat named Boulette, who is the cat I had in my CR before he died. This DR takes place in 1991, during the Golden Trio. In this world, soul mates exist, and Loki is mine. I explain to you, Loki, that by falling from the Bifrost, you landed in this reality rather than the Other. Minerva McGonagall discovered Loki and took him in as her Transfiguration class assistant. Loki gets along with everyone (especially Severus), but he is wary of Dumbledore. Loki has all of his memories of his reality, but he used the excuse of memory loss to avoid discussing himself too much. Loki is very happy in this reality because, unlike Asgard, his magical abilities are glorified, and he enjoys teaching the student. That concludes my Harry Potter DRs! We can now move on to other things.

(via https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6OIlATKRTIALjsiZV5WVKH?si=dzOHwMJAQkCrGc GuVyCKQ) lets go k - pop fans check out my Spotify playlist. +relax and enjoy yourself +study hard (Source: open.spotify.com) 2021.03.02 0 reblog notes? Book reading Things have changed dramatically as a result of this pandemic technology, which has engulfed our lives in unexpected ways. Who knew books would be digital as well? I'm spending some time on my tablet reading my favorite books on Wattpad. You can find me on Pinterest at https://www.pinterest.com/Isuri 2008/. Listen to my music on Spotify. Begin following my blog - https://studyaesthatic.com/ - https://aesthetic0studies.tumblr.com/ Reblog to help spread the word 2021.01.24 reblog 2 notes?

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