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Ladder with a wooden shelf Open wardrobes and hangers are already boring, but ladders are a different story. Do you have one in your barn? Strip it, re-paint it, and varnish it. Hang frequently used items or those that take up too much space in the wardrobe on it: hats, gloves, umbrellas, and bags. The shelf ladder can also be converted into a decorative cabinet. Spread the sides and place thin shelves between the legs. Select wood that matches the color and pattern. Books, work papers, flower pots, and other items can be stored here. Wooden crates You can also use garden tool wooden boxes. They are more visually appealing than standard shelves and wardrobes, and they completely transform a room with a simple solid color design. The work technique is the same: trim the wood to avoid burrs, paint if desired, and create an artistically untidy look with pastel shades that are in perfect harmony with the wood. Hang in a haphazard fashion on the wall. Alternatively, stack boxes vertically and horizontally on top of each other to make a makeshift wardrobe. The decoration is appropriate for storing books and flowers.

KRAMER I work as a plunger-napper. 15 of the best new aesthetic drawing concepts. Aesthetics Based on Fiction Index Adopting a visual language that signals positivity and connectedness is a tool for these companies to cover up the social and political harm and divisiveness that their products cause, and illustration has increasingly become a focal point of the. We also have a number of images available on this page.

Lemon yellows, sky blues, and gentle pinks are some pastel colors that would look lovely in any journal!

I've also included some pastel color inspiration in the image below, so you can get a sense of the types of pastel colors that go well together or get some ideas for your own bullet journal.

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